Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Prophecy

Philip Hornbuckle was soundly asleep until suddenly he felt something smacking his face. He slowly opened his eyes, and found that his face was covered in orange peels. In the distance, he saw Munny Pang, on the back of train, eating an orange. Philip sat up, and small pieces of gravel stuck to his unshaven face. He looked around, and realized he was asleep on a bed of grass next to the railroad tracks. "Oh. I must have fallen asleep looking for Paco" he thought. He stretched his arms and checked his watch, expecting it to be the early morning hours, "4:05 in the afternoon?!" he yelled, "I'm supposed to be at work in fifteen minutes!" He jumped up and ran off towards World's Best Pizza. He could hardly see through the fog on his way there, and almost ran straight into Wren Henry in the midst of his panic. Finally, Philip arrived at World's Best Pizza, threw on his apron, and went to the front of the restaurant to manage the register. Half an hour passed, and the restaurant remained empty. Finally, at 5:15, Sasha Tary strolled in with some strange news for Eduardo, the owner of World's Best Pizza. 
"Hi Eduardo, your sister is buried by St. Cecelia's Church, right?" Eduardo nodded with a confused expression on his face, "well. I'm not sure how to say this, but your sister's grave has been...disturbed." Eduardo let out a defeated sigh.
"PHILIP! Get your stuff. We're closing down early so I can go handle this mess." Philip quickly gathered his stuff, wished Eduardo luck, and started his walk home. As Philip was walking through Howell Park, as woman approached him. She was dressed in various of shades of red, and appeared to be in a hurry.
"Hello, are you Philip Hornbuckle?"
"Well, yes I am." Philip replied, unsure how the woman knew his name. Slowly, the woman reached into her pocket, pulled out a crinkled envelope, and placed it in his hand.
"This may seem odd, but an old blind man told me to find you in Howell Park right about now, and give you this envelope." Philip looked at the envelope in his hand, and looked back up at the woman as he began to open it.
"Did he happen to tell you-"
"Listen I'd love to answer your questions" the woman interrupted, "but I'm really in a rush!" With that, the woman ran off, bumping into Philip on her way out, and causing Philips finger to scrape the envelope.
"Ouch!" yelled Philip, "Papercut!" Philip shook the blood off his finger, and opened the enveloped. In messy handwriting, the envelope read:
"You may not know me, and you probably never will. But that doesn't matter to me, because even though I am blind I still see the truth. I had a vision of you, Philip Hornbuckle, and this is what I saw, the truth with all its power lives inside me." Philip looked at the sentence in shock. "No one knows where Paco is. No one ever will. The truth of what happened to Paco is something only I know." Suddenly, Philip realized what this prophecy meant, and accepted his fate: a life without Paco.

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