Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Thirst

Philip awoke from another night's rest feeling just as upset as the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that. Philip sat up in bed, and began to think about all his memories with Paco. He thought about when he got Paco during his first year in college, because he was having trouble making new friends. He thought about all the movie nights, fancy dinners, and concerts that he and Paco had bonded over. Now, all he could think about was what would happen if he never found Paco, or Paco never found his way back to The Victorian. Philip didn't have many other friends. In fact, the only time he really engaged in human interaction was during his shift at World's Best Pizza and his weekly Bird Watchers Club meetings, and even during those times Paco was with him. Philip quickly shook his head, and started to get out of bed. He tried not to think about living life without Paco for too long, the thought was too upsetting. Philip threw on his favorite trench coat, grabbed his keys, and set out for Howell Park to look for Paco. As Phillip walked through town, something seemed slightly odd. People were running around frantically, carrying large jugs of water, and asking around to see if anyone would be willing to share anymore water with them. "Geez" thought Philip, "don't these people have enough water? I mean it's not like the town is on some insane water shortage or something." Philip continued thinking about the strangeness of the whole situation as he searched for Paco in Howell Park. Suddenly, Philip came upon a stream in the park he had never seen before. "Paco always loved the water! Perhaps he flew here!" Philip began to look on every tree surrounding the river. No Paco. So he bent down, and began to check in the stream to see if Paco was taking a swim.
"Great. Another weirdo looking for water. Listen dude, you need to look somewhere else for water. This is my spot, and I don't share. Maybe you should check Rainbow River."
Philip turned around to see a woman standing behind him, with an frustrated expression on her face.
"My apologies" said Philip, "I didn't mean to invade your territory, but I wasn't looking for water. I was looking for my bird, Paco." The woman's face softened slightly before she spoke again,
"Oh. Well maybe you should start looking for water, instead of wasting your time trying to find your lost bird. Tell you what, I'll even share some of my water with you." The woman handed Philip a jug, and began to fill it up from the stream. Phillip looked at the jug in confusion.
"Thank you, but I think I'll just get my water from the store."
"Hah! The store! Do you really think they have any water left? C'mon you better start filling that jug before I don't want to share anymore. It's like you don't even know there's a water shortage right now." Suddenly, Philip understood why everyone in town was running around in a panic, and quickly began filling his water jug next to the woman.
"Thank you for sharing. My name is Philip, what's yours?"
"Cecelia Fisher" the woman said, and continued to fill her jug.
"Well, Cecelia it's nice to meet you"
Cecelia smiled at Philip, and two continued to talk about their lives as they filled their water jugs. Before Philip and Cecelia even realized how long it had been, the sun began to go down.
"Oh no!" cried Philip, "I have to go before it gets dark! I need to keep searching for Paco! It was nice to meet you Cecelia!" With that, Philip jumped up, bolted into the night, and forgot to bring his water jug with him.

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