Thursday, September 22, 2016

Power outage

Philip Hornbuckle walks out of World's Best Pizza right at the end of his shift towards 7:15. He watches as the sun begins to sink behind The Victorian, lighting up the sky with hues of pink, orange, and yellow. Suddenly, Philip feels a sense of panic, and begins to think he has forgotten something important at work. He gazes into the pocket of his trench coat, and feels a sense of relief wash over him as he sees the blue and green feathers of his best friend Paco. Philip begins his daily walk home through Howell park. As he is walking through the park, he hears a loud pop, and is suddenly surrounded by darkness. "Oh no!" cries Philip, "How will I be able to see if anyone has signed up for my Bird Watchers Club in all this darkness!" Philip hears a familiar squawk. "What is it Paco?" Another squawk. "I guess you're right, even if I can't see if anyone has signed up for my Bird Watchers Club, I'll always have my favorite bird right in my pocket." With that, Philip smiles, and continues his walk home through the darkness.