Friday, April 28, 2017

Unfortunate Circumstances

A man ran into next to Philip Hornbuckle and began to dial 911 after seeing Rory on the ground. This moment was strange for Philip. There was a woman lying on the ground, possibly dead, but all Philip could see was this man. She fell in love with him at first sight. She heard him say his name was Baker Shefield when he dialed 911. She stood there in awe. She still couldn't remember much about her life, but somehow she knew Baker would complete it. However, Baker did not seem to return these feelings. All his attention was on Rory, he even went to the hospital with her. Philip was filled with jealousy. She tailed Baker all day, and even stole hospital clothing and a vehicle to try and lie low. She noticed in the evening that Baker was tailing Rory even on her evening walk with her dog. Philip couldn't stand the thought of Baker falling in love with Rory. She suddenly found herself driving towards Rory at full speed, knocking her into the river. She saw Baker yell that "Jenn killed Rory!" Little did he know he was just confused by the hospital car. In reality, Philip Hornbuckle killed Rory.

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